HVAC – Year 1 Course

Introduce the apprentice to basic refrigeration components, CFC handling and certification preparation, piping practices, basic electricity components/wiring diagrams, heating equipment and tools, safety, and trade math.

HVAC – Year 2 Course

Introduce the apprentice to basic air conditioning/heat pump systems, refrigerant controls, electric motors, circuits and controls, wiring diagrams/schematics, functions, air filtration, safety, trade math, and communication skills/professionalism.

HVAC – Year 3 Course

Introduce the apprentice to troubleshooting gas, electric, and oil heat, troubleshooting heat pumps, cooling systems, and accessories, preventative maintenance, system balancing, hydronics, boilers, commercial refrigeration, and chilled water systems.

HVAC – Year 4 Course

Introduce the apprentice to blueprint reading, heat load/gain calculations, psychometrics, air flow measurements, troubleshooting electrical systems, wiring diagrams and NEC and International Mechanical codes.

Plumbing – Year 1 Course

Introduce the apprentice to basic plumbing tools and technology, including, joining pipes and fittings, trade math, safety, coding & permits, water supply, sewage disposal and more.

Plumbing – Year 2 Course

Introduce apprentice to water piping and sizing, water heaters, drainage fixtures, venting materials, sump & sewage pumps, rough-in/single line/isometric drawings and National Standard Plumbing Code principles.

Plumbing – Year 3 Course

Introduce the apprentice to commercial/industrial fixtures and appliances, hydronic systems, floor plans, National Fuel Gas Code, cross connections, ejector systems, water treatments, electrical safety and IPC codes.

Plumbing – Year 4 Course

Introduce apprentice to plumbing repair and installation techniques, disposal systems, water supply and distribution, coding reviews and preparing the apprentice to take the licensing exam.